post operative discharge information

If you are having problems we want to know about it.

If you are feeling unwell or have significant concerns regarding your recovery you have 3 options.

For more minor problems you are welcome to consult your general practitioner during practice hours. If you happen to do so, we welcome your doctor contacting us for advice or if they have any significant concerns. Most problems by definition are relatively minor and we can often allay concerns or recommend any tests needed to exclude more important problems.

You are welcome to contact us directly – either via Sweety in the rooms or if necessary via the switchboard operator at Auckland. If needed we can arrange either a review on the ward or sometimes it is more appropriate to be seen at Auckland City Hospital where a registrar may be available to at least perform an initial assessment.

If you feel critically unwell or it is late at night you can always call an ambulance where you will usually be taken to the nearest public hospital accident and emergency department. Many problems can be assessed easily by taking a blood pressure, ECG, blood tests and a chest xray. Again we would rather prefer to be contacted and made aware of your predicament regardless of time or day.

Once again if you are having problems or concerns please get in touch with us and we can probably help and or reassure or take the necessary steps to get your recovery back on track.

Important phone numbers

Rooms                               +64 9 6234443

Sweety (afterhours) +64 21 077 0136

Auckland City Hospital +64 9 3670000

St Anne’s Ward (direct)  +64 9 6235751

MercyAscot ICU(direct) +64 9 6235724