13 Oct

Tony Brooks -Oct ’22

I must say I’m more than happy with the standard of service I received from Auckland Cardiothoracic. For a mitral valve repair I chose the right surgeon in Peter Alison, he explained things very well and was extremely professional in his assessment and treatment. The surgery went quicker than predicted and the results were better than originally expected so for that I will always be grateful to Peter. He has returned my quality of life and you can’t put a price on that in my book, I owe him big time!

All the admin needed prior to and after the operation was expertly handled by Sweety Mody. There was no room for any miscommunication with prompt instruction and guidance supplied at all times in fact it all ran like a swiss watch. Nothing like having a competent professional operator in the administration center of any organization and Sweety certainly is that.

The hospital staff at Mercy were well trained, efficient and kind, a special shout out goes to the food lady, a real gem!

Overall I can’t fault my experience at Mercy, this how you would expect the medical system in our country to run.