02 Mar

Lynda Graham-Feb’22

I just wanted to thank the most fantastic team in Mercy CTU.

I am not sure where to start with my appreciation of the team there. I felt safe, well cared for  , and thoroughly spoilt and looked after right from my first contact with you Sweety.

The entire surgery team under Parma:

The ICU team for putting up with my dramatics no doubt,  sorry can’t remember their names…..drugs.

The nursing team

Frankie, Maryssa, Zoe, Haley, Lalita, Lucille, Kim, Maureen, Aimee, Helen , Maureen  and I know I will have missed some sorry.

Physio  Konnie, Roz and Kim

The support  staff,  kitchen staff,  cleaning team.

From the bottom of my brand new aorta I wish to Thankyou all so very much.  It was such a privilege to come to Mercy Private Hospital.

I am now resting up at home and as much as I love you all, I do not wish to catch up again soon. Xx💞💞