02 Aug

Harley Jones July ’22

Dear CTU Ward, Surgeon Peter Alison and operating staff,

I wish to thank Surgeon Peter Alison, my anesthetist and the operating team for the very successful operation on time with no delays.  Probably no small feat at this current time.  Also, for a very smooth path to the operation made easy by the very helpful and efficient Sweety Mody.

I wish to go on record thanking all the CTU ward staff for the superb way they looked after me as a patient.   The happy and very efficient work atmosphere with any help requested, always arriving very promptly, along with a cheery attitude and smile. I particularly thank Gamile Punslan for her help.

The staff co-ordinator for the ward deserves special commendation for the calibre of staff and the happy positive work ethic. Viewing such an excellent international 1st class level facility makes one proud to be a New Zealander.

Finally, Surgeon Peter Alison, diligently followed up my progress and like all those I met at Mercy Hospital, happily answered my queries, so I felt very reassured.

Harley Jones